Thief stealing a womans handbagStealing Property

The most common type of grand larceny happens when something is stolen and the value is $1,000 or greater.  The stolen item could be anything of value including cash, jewelry, clothing, machinery, and electronics.  Common cases involve felony shoplifting, employee theft, and stealing valuable property.  In many felony theft cases, the theft is detected by direct observation, video surveillance, business records, or electronic monitoring.   Direct observation is when a person sees, hears, or otherwise personally senses an event while it is happening.  Video surveillance is conducted in real time but sometimes after the theft is detected.  Business records include financial transaction reports, inventory records, wire transfers, bank records, credit card statements, and other data sources designed to track property and/or money.

Felony retail theft is one of the most common types of Grand Larcenies.  This can happen when someone is accused of taking clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and/or other merchandise and when it is $1,000 or greater in value.  The value is based on the fair market value of the merchandise at the time so this may or may not include various promotions or sales.  Shoppers and employees can be accused.  Sometimes shoppers and a friendly employee are both accused of acting together to carry out the larceny.